Help Rescue America: We the People ... In Support of the United States Constitution
Declaration of Liberty Flag

The US Constitution: Our Legacy of Freedom

Our Founding Fathers gave us the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in order to throw off the shackles of government and to insure the rights of personal freedom. Through their divine wisdom our country has prospered as no other country in the history of the world. The principles of freedom and personal responsibility have inspired men of all races, creeds and color to work, create, build and prosper. The blood of countless patriots has given us Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as declared in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by our Constitution.

The Constitution has given us a rich heritage of religion, allowing men to worship how, where or what they may. These divine documents are the instruments of freedom. If we are to remain free and great we must protect the rights guaranteed in these documents.

The Constitution in Jeopardy

There are those who are trying to re-write our Constitution. There are those who are trying to change the interpretation of our Constitution by using the courts to remove our liberties. There are those who want government to control every aspect of our lives. Government is entangling itself in the free market system picking winners and losers. This practice will certainly destroy successful companies who find themselves competing with our tax dollars. This is an unconstitutional practice depriving successful Americans of their rights to Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, and the protection of property. If this practice is not stopped it will end in the destruction of the free market system which will vanquish the American dream for all Americans. The courts too often support those who are trying to remove God from our society, which is the equivalent of replacing traditional religious values with a state sponsored religion called Atheism. The courts are forcing us to accept evil religious practices and doctrines. Practitioners are being forced by the courts to perform abortions even though it is against their religious beliefs and is a mockery of God to kill these unborn children. Our religious and our personal freedoms are being trampled. Our traditional family rights are being attacked from every side. We are facing a Constitutional crisis. We are losing our liberties and we are losing our nation.

In Defense of Liberty

Let every American stand up for our Constitution and the rights guaranteed within it. Let every American re-declare his/her liberty. And along with the American flag let every American fly the “Declaration of Liberty” flag to show their support and reaffirm our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Let us show our friends, our neighbors, our customers, our wives, our children, our fallen dead, and our misguided politicians that we will honor and support liberty. Let our whole nation see us fly the “Declaration of Liberty” flag. God help us SAVE freedom.

Our company name is “”. The monies obtained from the sale of these products will be used to rally Americans around the truths set forth in the Constitution in an effort to stop the erosion of our freedoms and to save our nation. Please do your part by letting people know how you feel about freedom and our Constitution. Let us send a message to those who would place us in bondage. “We Will Not Yield”.

What Can You Do?

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Declaration of Liberty Flag